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Fairface has a wide range of plugins and widgets available for show casing the reviews onto your platform. The badges could be used for promoting your brand as Fairface (FAIRFACE.COM) is trusted among millions of customers and its users worldwide.

The badges have proved to hold customers onto your website for longer time around 52% of our registers clients have shared that the traffic on their pages have increased by double and the people leaving the cart without a purchase have reduce by almost half.

Our widgets and plugins are dynamic and real time. Our Fairface value badge helped many businesses gaining the trust from users. There is a wide variety of badges to choose from. You can also customize them to match your websites look and feel. You can share and publish the reviews onto social platform like Facebook, twitter and Google plus and brag about the support you get on your service from your users.

Reply to your customers Review

You can respond to your customers reviews hence making it a two way conversation with your customers so that your customers don’t feel left behind. The purpose of Fairface is to let you know what your customers feel about your brand. Why not let them have a say in your business.

Our platform provides a solution to respond to your customers review. you can answer a negative review with great positivity and appreciate a positive review on your company profile. Both positive and negative reviews build blocks of a brand. Answering the negative reviews can build confidence in your business.

So, let’s start responding to the reviews you have and start building a happy customer base.

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