Product Reviews

Why Choose Fairface?

Fairface provides your user best shopping experience. Our platform gives business way to collect the review about their products and they can showcase that using our customized APIs onto their website.

Our review collection is user-friendly and efficient. Most of our clients have shown increased ROI after using our services for their shopping carts or product portals

You can choose as many as products based on your plan and invite different customers to write a review based on their experience with your products.

Collect product reviews at Fairface
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The Process

We have the best review platform experience and first of its kind in the market .

We provide the platform for product review collection and give the user full rights to review the product they have purchased from the companies that are registered on Fairface. (FAIRFACE.COM)

The review collected is shown to the provider to verify its authenticity as genuine and display onto their website. If the registered owners have any issues with the review they can flag it to fair Face compliance team.

Our compliance team will then ask the reviewer to provide the proof of purchase or reference number and depending on the authenticity of the proof the review will be shown online.