Why choose us ?

Fairface brings the fair face of businesses with genuine feedbacks in front of other consumers. We help collect and publish reviews for business and give the business an opportunity to showcase what their loyal customers have to say about them online.

We help in reputation management of your business by giving you rights to collect and publish your reviews onto your website. You can also send invites to your customers for a feedback using our sophisticated integrated invitation dashboard.

Fairface has helped thousands of businesses gain more customers using our platform and gain better reputation online. Our platform can also be used to give you an extra edge while people search you on google. With the star rating, you can stand out of the rest competitors in the online world.

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Increase Customer Trust

We help you gain your customer trust and increase their confidence in using your services or shopping through you. They can use the recommendations on your profile from customers with past experience with your services.

A recent survey has shown that customers tend to check reviews online before making an imminent purchase or using a service from a provider. Fairface has helped many businesses in managing their reputation online using our medium.

With everything to be managed from the dashboard, this gives a better understanding of what you can do with the options given within review collection. You can get APIs and invitations could be send using the invitation platform. The intelligence is a part of the dashboard where you can see the reports and prepare an action plan. You can respond to your customers and can flag reviews that don't belong to you.

Fairface is a platform that is need of the hour and can not be missed at any cost. If you are looking for more customers and clients and a big online presence you can not afford to miss this tool for your online reputation management.

Its Free !

We work on a free business model. We do not believe in stopping you from gathering your reviews. With Fairface you have the authority to collect reviews and display them on your website using our APIs for free. This platform is not about you and others it's about building an honest online community where people can come and see a Fairface value of a business for free. Our basic plan is free for our customers with almost everything in it.

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